Ivan Seal

20.06. bis 18.07.2009 Ivan Seal, You talk too much

For his second exhibition at Visite ma tente, Ivan Seal presents a new series of work in various media. Paintings, objects and sound allude to scenarios in fictional spaces.

Small paintings are aligned with existing architectural elements of the gallery (radiators, pipes etc) giving the viewer obscured glimpses into dark interiors. Light bleeds out of black oil paint, illuminating dream interiors furnished for psychological experiments or private rituals.

The spoken word piece ”White Noise“ uses the practice of word association as a point of departure. Language forms patterns and rhythms through a generative process, which constantly changes and reconfigures its meaning and associations into a hypnotic closed loop.

The sculpture, ”Kick the head“ takes human anatomy as a starting point, presenting an object which is willing to change. The drawings ”Positions of High“ use images of the body from medical textbooks to indicate suitable postures for intoxication, moving us from white noise into white out.