Ivan Seal

Creature of havoc 14. 04. -04. 05. 07.

Visite Ma Tente presents “Creature of Havoc”, a new series of works by UK artist Ivan Seal. A series of pencil drawings, “Palace of Swords Reversed” portray fictional spaces within a fantasy labyrinth. The rooms are furnished with ritual objects, sacrificial tools, geometric structures and contemporary furniture. The drawings as a whole create portals into another dimension. Harnessing this dimension is the “creature of havoc”, a new sculptural sound piece using computer manipulated audio.

Ivan Seal works with a combination of pencil drawing and computer-generated sound. He uses sound installatively in exhibition spaces, and present some pieces as live performances. The pencil drawings are often presented together with sound pieces in exhibitions. The drawings describe imaginary spaces on a two dimensional plane, and the sound pieces work as temporal sculptures. The intention is to create an architectural construct in the mind of the viewer forming a series of unfolding spaces, continually changing over time.In this vein, “Palace of Swords Reversed” expand the gallery into a room with a series of doorways, we peer through to observe absurd scenarios. In one drawing, a small dog stands next to a grave which has been desecrated by alchemists. It looks into a distant landscape containing only a woolly baton.

Born in Manchester, UK in 1973, Ivan Seal was educated at Sheffield Hallam University. He moved to Berlin in 2004, where he lives and works. He has exhibited and performed extensively in Europe.